This exhibit titled, “Pronouns” is a trans and non-binary/gender fluid group show. The purpose is to give one of several fringe groups an opportunity to share their art work, as well as to participate in a discussion telling personal stories about how their creative process reflects their gender preferences and transition. Question and answer session will be recorded and available to the public. Being seen, being heard, being understood leads to cultural inclusivity. Art educates. Art heals.

Pat Hennon, co-curator of “Pronouns”, is an artist whose work focuses on themes of gender, especially about internal and external feminine and masculine energies seeking balance. Pat sees herself as a creative investigator.  She/he says they are trying to know themselves and separate from the acculturation received from parents and society into something different.

Jewel Hayes, co-curator of “Pronouns”, is a local musician, artist, electrologist, and public speaker.  She demonstrates great passion for helping the trans community integrate into the larger community. Her home has become a safe sanctuary for trans individuals. She is committed to the individual values of freedom to make choices about one’s own body.

The exhibition runs from May 7 – June 26 with an opening reception on Friday, May 7 from 5 -7pm. The artists will speak about their experiences and share how their individual transitioning process is reflected in their artwork at a panel discussion at the gallery on Saturday, May 8 at 6:00 pm with a small reception before and after the talk. The gallery will be open the afternoon before the talk.