Fenix Arts @ Mt. Sequoyah Center

150 N. Skyline Drive – Mt. Sequoyah Millar Lodge

Saturday, July 16, 2022

7:30 pm

Tickets are $15 at the door.

No advance ticket sales.


Warp and Weft is a Queer-forward fusion of music, dance, poetry, and visual art in which Queer artists create an experimental on-stage experience.

The flow of our program is the weaving process. Diverse artists form a colorful tapestry in which all different people belong and have equal status. The cast weave their raw Queer experiences into the fabric of humanity.

The performers are: Lela Besom, Kate Capdeville, Skylar Conover, Bethany Douglas, Jewel Hayes, Pat Hennon, Abby Howard, Lauren Leonard, Deanna Starshine, Täs Zinck.

Guests are asked to be present in the gallery by 7:30. The performance will begin promptly at 8:00 and due to the nature of the performance, no late arrivals will be admitted.

Warp and Weft Rehearsal