About Us

Fenix Arts seeks to support and nurture the established, emerging, and underrepresented artist community in NWA. We are committed to providing opportunities for collaboration and connectivity across art disciplines and creating opportunities for community involvement in the arts.

To place the artist at the center of all decisions, we strive to find art opportunities that keep commissions low and exposure high. The Fenix Arts  gallery is located on Mount Sequoyah. We also participate in various pop-up shows throughout the NWA region. The Fenix artists are juried to maintain high artistic standards. Fenix artists are expected to lend their expertise, whether through technology assistance, social media posting, hospitality, construction and maintenance, curation or gallery sales. Fenix artists may schedule time in our studio space to hold classes and workshops. They may plan and curate exhibitions in the home gallery spaces. We are a community of artists, friends, and co-workers who are committed to the success of Fenix Arts.


Fenix was birthed as an artist collective in December 2016, by 15 artists who convened for a pop-up Holiday show. In 2017, Fenix held two-month long residencies at The Walker Stone House featuring the work of 26 Arkansas artists along with multiple performances which included a one-man operetta, a poetry slam and jazz blend, a variety show and multiple art workshops

Since our inaugural exhibition the number of artists in our collective has grown. Through the end of 2020 we have organized eighteen exhibitions and accompanying performances many of which addressed social issues such as gender identity, cultural identity, the environment, and southern revisionism. Our 2021 exhibition schedule offers more innovative and exciting programs.

In 2020 Fenix members voted to make the transition from an LLC business model to a 501(c)(3) in order to further our mission of creating an environment of mutual support and collaboration among the artists of Northwest Arkansas and increasing community involvements and appreciation in the arts.


Fenix Arts Mission

We are a non-profit artist collective committed to the artistic experience in Northwest Arkansas. We activate/cultivate these experiences by supporting our local artists and encouraging creative connection between individuals and communities. Building relationships through the visual and performing arts helps us to navigate and understand the world around us.


Core values: Belonging • Inclusive • Connection • Accessibility • Education
Seen, Heard, Valued = Connection and Belonging


150 W Skyline Dr,
Mount Sequoyah, Millar Building
Fayetteville, AR 72701

PO Box 2892
Fayetteville, AR 72702



Open Hours

Thursday • Friday • Saturday: 1 – 5 pm
Sunday: 1– 4 pm