The 30+ accomplished artists of the Fenix Arts organization, selected through a professional curation process, come from all parts of the world. They add their individual artistic vision to the vibrant growth of the creative community in NWA by volunteering their time, expertise, and energy to managing and maintaining the gallery and engaging the community through classes, workshops, artist talks, cultural festivals, and performance events.

Fenix Artists

Fenix Artists

Cindy Arsaga, David Bachman, Jaquita Ball, Jody Barbaree, Whitney Bell, Aaron Bleidt, Karla Caraway, Stan Dark, Chuck Davis, Ann Edmondson, Robert Fannin, Laurie Foster, Alli Wood Frederick, Angie Gomez, David Gomez, Martha Guirl Phillips, Anna Guyton, Pat Hennon, Jay Hinely, Dan Holtmeyer, Susan Idlet, Xi Krump, Melissa Milton, Shannon Mitchell, Lisa Nance, Jeanne Parham, Eugene Sergeant, Sabine Schmidt, Leona Hunter Wade, Brande Wilkerson, and Steven Wise


150 N Skyline Drive
Mount Sequoyah, Millar Lodge
Fayetteville, AR 72701

PO Box 2892
Fayetteville, AR 72702



Open Hours

Friday: 1 – 5 pm
Saturday: 12 – 6 pm
Sunday: 1 – 4 pm