Fenix Arts is committed to creating museum quality art exhibitions and experiences within the intimate space of our beautiful gallery at the top of Mount Sequoyah. We choose to bring underrepresented and emerging artists and voices to the forefront and to create connections across arts disciplines that will encourage more equitable communities in Northwest Arkansas.

Current Exhibit

Vivid Intentions


January 6 – January 29, 2023

Opening Reception: January 6th 

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Fenix Arts and LIFE STYLES cordially invites all patrons and supporters for our 2023 inaugural art reception at Fenix Gallery on January 6th 5-7pm. Join us, as we celebrate a vibrant collection of conceptual introspective and avant-garde works to herald the changing of the seasons with ‘Vivid Intentions’ with Lifestyles & Friends.

‘Vivid intentions’ showcases an impressive selection of works to the LIFE STYLES exhibition season. The line-up will highlight exceptional linework, paint strokes and singular aesthetics from our incredibly talented student body and outside supporting artists. Come help us celebrate diversity as we invite the community to return to our creative roots.”

“Portrait Study”
Lexie Luckcuck
9 x 12
Acrylic on Paper

Maureen Connelly
6.5  x 4.5
Charcoal and Watercolor on paper

11 x 14
Mixed Media, Charcoal and Acrylic on paper

Master Caravaggio “Saint Jerome’s Writing”
6.5 x 9.5
Reductive Charcoal on paper


Life Styles is a nonprofit organization that provides first-class services to adults with developmental disabilities.Since 1976, Life Styles has championed the right of adults with developmental disabilities to productive, self-directed lives at home, work, and play through housing assistance, transportation services, continuing education, employment services, and social activities. http://www.lifestylesinc.org/


Life Styles enthusiastically supports individuals with disabilities in reaching their full potential as contributing members of the community.

Up Coming Exhibits

Caption: David Bachman,
Miami Beach, mixed media

Aquarius Exhibit featuring David Bachman

February 3 – March 12, 2023

Opening Reception: February 3, 2023

Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Aquarius, the name of the artists’ show at Fenix Gallery,  refers to the zodiac sign for healing and nurture. What a welcoming way to help open the 2023 curatorial calendar at Fenix Arts. The featured artist is David Bachman, a Fayetteville-familiar personality, whose work is in many collections, including Philip Mayeux and Joe Nichols, of Arkansas Art Scene.

As David Bachman recently described, ‘My art has evolved over the years until I have amassed a large collection of all kinds of art materials. I look at myself as an “mark maker” and have much to choose from. These can be both traditional and nontraditional materials such as shoe polish, coffee and lipstick that are combined with pencil, printing ink, grease crayon and so forth.’

For the retrospective and exhibit, Aquarius, David has chosen work from 1980 to the present.  ‘I have always been creating in one form or another.  It just seems like a natural thing to do, and it puts me in another place for a while.  It feeds my soul.  It makes me happy.’


Printmakers Society Exhibit

March – April

Past Exhibits

“Re-Emergent” Members Exhibit

“Re-Emergent” Members Exhibit

The Fenix Gallery, formerly located in downtown Fayetteville, moved to Millar Lodge at Mt. Sequoyah in February and is now re-branded as FENIX ARTS to encompass the non-profit organization’s mission to promote educational and cultural programming in the visual and...



This exhibit titled, “Pronouns” is a trans and non-binary/gender fluid group show. The purpose is to give one of several fringe groups an opportunity to share their art work, as well as to participate in a discussion telling personal stories about how their creative...

Reflections of the Black Experience

Reflections of the Black Experience

Reflections of the Black Experience: Featuring Arkansas Artists and the 1619 ProjectReflections of The Black Experience, as an art collection, is reflective of the African diaspora to the modern-day Black experience in America by myself and amazing local and regional...

Chaos, Confusion, Creativity

Chaos, Confusion, Creativity

Chaos, Confusion, Creativity With themes reflecting pandemic coping mechanisms - creativity overcomes chaos and confusion - just as it did in previous periods of Art History. The pandemic era of 2020 will likely be viewed by future generations as an outpouring of...

Sewn In

Sewn In

SEWN IN: A Contemporary Look at Fiber Art The exhibit features fresh interpretations of traditional textile arts including embroidery, quilting, dyeing, weaving, and felting from artists across the state. Works in the exhibition both honor and challenge the tradition...

If you have an idea for an exhibition or collaboration with Fenix Arts, please email us at fenixartscenter@gmail.com.


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