Fenix Arts is committed to creating museum quality art exhibitions and experiences within the intimate space of our beautiful gallery at the top of Mount Sequoyah. We choose to bring underrepresented and emerging artists and voices to the forefront and to create connections across arts disciplines that will encourage more equitable communities in Northwest Arkansas.

Current Exhibit

Fresh From the Studio

Artists’ Show at Fenix Gallery

August 4 – October 1, 2022

‘Fresh From the Studio’, the name of the artists’ show at Fenix Gallery, refers to a long tradition of historical studio practice. The emotive bonds and exuberant creativity from working in the studio has defined artist output since 1563 when in Florence Italy, the first Academy of Art was established by the duke Cosimo I de’ Medici. The studio hence became a place where iterative creativity builds upon itself and Fenix represented artists’ are building upon this tradition of working in the studio today.

Art Reception

Opening Reception: August 4th

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Hank Kaminsky

Featured in the small gallery

I have always considered myself as a searcher. These sculptures are for me a return to my earliest searches for a symbology of the spirit. They give me a warm feeling, a feeling  of grounding, the kind of feeling you get from hearing a good story. My jewelry and the abstract sculptures I made in the recent past do capture a mood of spiritual search but limits of space and tools allowed me to go only so far, These sculptures reintroduce the human figure to my work. I feel like I have come home. You will find the figures acting like people do, wrapped in the landscape I build around them. They are clay modelled in the style of a child, which could lead you to feel the work is incomplete. Like life these sculptures are incomplete.

The sculptures talk about the function of Incompletion. They are as complete as they can be and still leave questions that can only come with further engagement. They invite viewers to spend more time. I love that moment when a viewer suddenly exclaims “why, that’s a figure or that’s a walking stick or is it a light sabre” She has seen through the apparent chaos and has seen the figure. Seen herself. It’s a sense of completion after the struggle.  

The basic design forms on which most of these sculptures stand comes from my 2 trips to Europe back in the 50’s and 60’s. a time when a student could afford it. I was amazed at the Italian Renaissance and particularly the work of Donatello in his late pulpits in Florence. I felt that somehow I could tell a story. I learned that there was a story everywhere, I just had to find the right tools and learn how to use them.

Up Coming Exhibits

The Hand at Fenix Arts:

Juried exhibit of handmade prints and photographs

October 6 – November 12, 2022

Opening Reception: October 6th

5:00 – 8:00 pm

The Hand at Fenix Arts, is an international exhibition of handmade prints and photographs juried by Adam Finkelston, the co-editor and publisher of the Hand Magazine. The exhibit drew artist submissions from 28 states and five international countries. Never before in history have more prints and photographs been made per minute, yet each of these exhibited entries takes days to construct by hand. The Hand at Fenix Arts is a celebration of the creative image maker, and the exhibit ranges from a Daguerreotype, one of the earliest forms of photography, to a duotone print. Such range and diversity of printmaking methods has likely never been shown before in the state of Arkansas.

Past Exhibits

Chaos, Confusion, Creativity

Chaos, Confusion, Creativity

Chaos, Confusion, Creativity With themes reflecting pandemic coping mechanisms - creativity overcomes chaos and confusion - just as it did in previous periods of Art History. The pandemic era of 2020 will likely be viewed by future generations as an outpouring of...

Sewn In

Sewn In

SEWN IN: A Contemporary Look at Fiber Art The exhibit features fresh interpretations of traditional textile arts including embroidery, quilting, dyeing, weaving, and felting from artists across the state. Works in the exhibition both honor and challenge the tradition...

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